Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Celebrating Women: WW2 Nurses

Celebrating 100 years of International Women's Day, I decided to focus on Wartime Nurses and I developed this series of 6 postcards that appreciate how important Nurses of WW2 were.

Pictograms of Oxymorons

A little Big and Friendly Fires

Blind Sight and Pretty Ugly

Bitter Sweet and Living Dead

For one of my briefs in Visual Expression at University Me and my project partner had to take Oxymorons and make them into Pictograms. 

Oxymoron: Bitter Sweet

I took the oxymoron bitter sweet and produced a poster that illustrates it, without the use of type. i originally had to make pictograms out of these oxymorons, so i decided to keep a pictogram/ symbolic feel to my image.

Type Rule

Type Rules poster: Thou Shall not hyphenate within a paragraph, Two posters, one is type based and the other is image based. Top poster illustrates that using a hyphen in a paragraph is suicidal. The bottom poster shows that word meanings can change when hyphens are used within a paragraph.

Watt Design

Watt Design is a made up Commercial Lighting brand that i was given as a project brief at University. I had to develop a logo and design all the company stationary, to show how the logo would work on various documents. In all I designed a Business Card, Letter Head, Compliments Slip, Website, Brochure and a Note Book. My logo is a simple concept based on rays of light, but make the shape of a "W" for Watt Lighting.

Unconventional Book Layouts

Taking One Hundred Years of Solitude book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, i designed unconventional book layouts for the first two chapters. Every chapter is broken down into a separate concertina leaflet which will have their own individual coloured and patterned front cover. Each chapter is broken down into about 6 pages. making it easier for a reader to pick up where they left off. The chapters would be bought in a boxed set.

Conventional Book Layouts

One Hundred Years of Solitude: Took the first chapter of the book and designed a fun layout inside a conventional sized Penguin Book. The book is known for being difficult to read so i have faded out text that is difficult. It gives the reader a choice to skip these areas. I made the any speech green and larger, so the conversations are easier to read.